Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tub Bath

Well I gave Carly her first tub bath this morning. As soon as she hit the water she looked up like what the heck are you doing to me! It was too funny. Right before she got in the water she had a big poopie diaper. Then after being in the water for a bit she decided that she was gonna poop there as well! :) We got her out and then she made pee pee on the towel. And of course after getting her lotioned and semi-dresses she pooped on my hand! Way to go Carly! I've never seen anyone poop so much in my life! She's definatley a pooping machine. I think she liked it, well for the most part. She seemed to rest well after she got settled. She looked real cute in her little shirt. Well the shirt on her was like a nightgown.

They increased her feeds to 6.3ml every hour today. And this morning without the splint on her leg she weighed 1038 grams (2 pounds 4.5 ounces). Yep she's still a peanut but just a much bigger peanut! :) Her vent was changed to SIMV mode where she does more work for herself and her oxygen was at 50%.  And the rate on her vent was at 35 which is quite a big wean. She seemed to be doing okay with it. I'll be so glad to finally get her off this stupid vent. I know it helps her breath but it also damages her lungs. It's the ole catch 22. Dosen't quite seem fair to her poor lungs but what can you do? After all, she needs it.

This is a pretty poor picture but it's the best I could do after trying to adjust it. This is her taking her very first tub bath. The pink basin swallows her whole. It could almost be a bed for her! :)
Tub bath

And this is right after the bath wearing her cute little shirt.
first time wearing an outfit all day!

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