Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good Day Today

Carly seemed to be having a good day today. She had some good blood gasses. Good enough to wean her vent rate and pressures some. She still seems to be in some pain though and is still being treated with the morphine. Her right lung is also still looking worse than the left. We tried putting her on her left side to help it. They went up on her feeds today. So she's now up to 6mls every hour. We are geussing her weight to be 2 pounds 3 ounces. We have to geuss with the splint on her leg. Oh yeah and that reminds me, her leg is starting to align up. Hopefully it will heal soon. She was wide awake today. She seems to stay awake for longer periods now.

Wide Eyed :)

I got to go see my friends baby tonight. She looks good. I keep praying for her and her daughter. God's in control. Sometimes it seems hard though. It's hard to put our burdens at his feet. I geuss it's just our nature as humans to feel as though we can fix everything. We need Him. It's at times like these that we are the most helpless. But yet are comforted by God's holy grace. I thank Him everyday for Bri and DeDe. And trust in Him for His will to be done! To God we give all the honor and glory and praise!