Monday, January 28, 2008

Look at her being a Big Girl!

Well It's been a while since I've posted a blog. Carly is doing great. Still on the high flow nasal canula. They tried to wean it to 4 liters the other day but she didn't like it too much. So she's still at 5 liters. I've been doing kangaroo care and loving every minute of it. Oh yeah and this may be hard to believe seeing as how she's only 39 weeks adjusted (almost 3 months actual age) but it's true....she's lifting her head!!!!!! Can you believe it! I was so shocked! And EVERYTIME I do kangaroo care she lifts it! She's such a big girl. She's always doing something new to amaze me! She's getting more beautiful everyday. And it seems like she's looking more and more like my little brother everyday. Especially when she is wide awake. Today was a big day for Carly because they tried to give her her first bottle. Now you are wondering how she did! Well to answer your question, no she didn't! She dosen't know how to suck nor does she get the concept to swallow so I was suprised to hear the Dr say we were goning to try her on a bottle today. But we did as he ordered. We put the nipple in her mouth and she cut her eyes back at me with the little attitude that she has with a look like, what the heck are you doing to me and please get this thing out of my mouth! We tried putting a drop of milk on her toung then we tried a drop of sugar water on her tounge and still nothing! I've been trying for a while with a paci but she hasn't taken to it yet. They told me to start putting a drop of sugar water on it before offering it to her so I'll start doing that tomorrow. They are also going to see about getting speech therapy in to help her with sucking and swallowing. She started physical therapy and occupational therapy and they will be teaching me things to do with her later this week. They are going to show me how to do infant massages to help relax her tightened muscles and exersices to help loosen her joints. I'm not quite sure what OT will be doing seeing as how I haven't met with her yet. But I should be meeting with her at the end of the week. The developmental lady took me on a tour of the NPCN (Neonatal Progressive Care Nursery) today. She's hoping that Carly will be there in less than a month! It so nice over there. They each have there own room/pod that is realy spacious and privite. But the bad thing is that she would have all new nurses! I like it over there it's brand new and really nice and super quite. But it's NOT the NORTH NURSERY! I don't want Carly to move away! I love her nurses and her nurses love her. Hopefuly we can talk her doctor into letting the NICU discharging her when the time comes! Well this is all I have for today. I'll post more later. Thank you to everyon who continues to keep Carly and our family in your thoughts and prayers! (((((((HUGS)))))))) to everyone!

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Griffin Family said...

We are some of Carly's biggest cheerleaders and check back almost daily. Praise the Lord for such amazing reports! We are so proud of your strong little Carly! We know what you mean about wanting to stay in NICU with your nurses.

The Griffin Family