Friday, March 7, 2008

3/7/08 Still feeling bad.....

Well Carly is still not feeling well today. She's starting to look very pale and they had to increase her flow again to 4 liters and now she's up to 70% on her oxygen with her O2 sats hanging around low to mid 80's. I got her out to hold her during her 12 o'clock feeding and she was so limp and almost lifeless. Poor girl really feels bad. You can tell she doesn't feel good by looking at her face. I had Dr. Fisher paged over. And he is kinda at a stand still right now with her. Not really what I wanted to hear but o'well. He says that there is no sure sign that she's sick (runny nose, fever, BC w/diff was good, chest film was good, blood gas "OK") but if she continues to require more oxygen throughout the day he will do futher testing to see if there is an underlying infection that they are missing. I don't know exactly what they would do to find out. I just hope they can figure it out soon. I hate seeing her not feeling well. I'll post another update as soon as I get it.

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