Friday, February 15, 2008


Surgery Tomorrow Morning!!! (2/5/08)

Well in my last blog I posted about the eye doctor finding some ROP in Carly's eyes. Well they did another eye exam today and her eye disease has progressed VERY quickly. She now has plus disease in the right eye and pre-plus disease in her left eye. They will be taking her down for surgery at 6:30 tomorrow morning. The surgery should last from 2-3 hours. After they are done she'll return back to the nicu for recovery. They will have to put her back on the ventilator and hopefully she'll come off without a problem. They doctor said she may not want to let go of it though seeing as how she held on to it for so long before. So I'm praying that she adjust well. They will give her a big dose of steriods just before the procedure though to help assist her and speed up the pace of coming off the vent. She's still have a lot of bradycardia episodes lately down to the 40's and lasting anywhere from 5-30 seconds. I spoke to the physical therapist today and she says the reason Carly is behind developmentaly ( sucking, poor muscle tone, etc) "COULD" be because of the missing corpus callosum in her brain. We knew about this while she was still in utero. She says she may be behind a little developmentaly or severely but only time will tell. And that's okay with me. I love her anyway God gives her to me! It may just be a little challenging to adapt to when she comes home with all the specialist that they'll be calling in.

Oh yeah I ment to say that without the surgery Carly has a 60% or greater chance of blindness and with the surgery it reduces to a 10-20% chance. She will however lose most or all of her peripheral vision with the surgery. But the doctor said that she souldn't notice a difference ever seeing as how she'll learn to turn her head to compensate.

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